Growing up

A child. Even the word is enough to light up anyone’s face. The instantaneous thought that  comes to one’s mind when they think of a child is a laughing, gullible, innocent face. Any baby, who does nothing more than wave his or her arms, is the trigger for the crowd to start laughing at it. 

Childhood consisting of predominantly play, fun, pranks, mischief and games is considered one of the best stages of life. From the most petty events, such as receiving s chocolate, to larger ones like the festival of Diwali makes any child bubbling with excitement and et out a crackle of exhilaration.  

Children are such pure beings, with the most benevolent hearts; rarely are they spotted fighting as they never think foul for anyone. Their happiness lies in watching cartoon while their largest concern is to step only on the edges of tiles when walking. 

Every child has a nagging question: what happens to adults? Why do they lose their joy of life and are rarely seen enjoying? Why are adults always surly and worried about everything? Why are they always quarrelling over things which are of no importance?

We should ask ourselves these questions. As we grow older and experience more of the world, where does the child inside if us disappear? Many of us believe we are being tormented by the daily struggles of our lives. Some of us are enduring financial issues while others are tackling family problems. According to a survey, 5% of the adult population lives in stress. 

We should all rethink, are our concernes really of prodigious importance? Are they worthy of destroying our mental happiness? Can we deal with hem without getting stressed and depressed? 

After all, the main purpose of our lives is living it in a happy way, without any regrets and enjoying the trivial pleasures like the pitter patter of rain and the intoxicating smell of old books. 

From now on, let us live our lives like a child; with excitement tingling under our skin and optimism radiating from our faces.

Why I Read

In today’s modern world, where sources of entertainment can be found in well-nigh every turn of the street, in the atrocious form of video games, malls, Netflix and YouTube, it is an arduous task to find a face amongst the sea of crowds whose neck is not buried in its not-so-smart smartphone. As technology involves, we are finding additional ways to engross ourselves into more inefficacious activities, such as web series and videos. All these hobbies not only adversely affect our temperament and mental health but also diminishes our proclivity to work harder and set goals.

We have become accustomed and content with our daily lives: waking up, watching shows on a 6″ device on our way to work, half-heartedly completing a few tasks and eventually returning home to eat packed food for dinner while watching TV.

According to me, this lifestyle, is unproductive and monotonous, helping achieve little in life.

To develop a more, sanguine and positive attitude towards life, I have indulged in an activity rarely followed by today’s generation: reading. This is a passion which is more than just a source of entertainment, it possesses various other advantages which shall be discussed in today’s blog.

“So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install, a lovely bookshelf on the wall.” – Roald Dahl

When I heard these words, it spoke volume to me and helped develop an interest in me for novels. You may already know that reading a good book once in a while helped enhance your vocabulary and power of speech. However, other than that, it also expands our thinking skills and knowledge of the world. We can think from numerous perspectives, experience new cultures and learn more about the world by just sitting in one place. By reading, we get more open-minded and more aware about traditions of other countries.

By reading, our imagination ameliorates as we start visualising appearances, surroundings and conversations. It helps boost our thinking skills as we work with the detective to solve the case or bite our bails while thinking how our favourite character will survive the challenge.

As far as profession is concerned, reading is of immense aid since it helps us master our conversation as well as writing skills. It helps us clearly articulate what we want to say. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that reading reduces stress by easing tension in muscles.

Above all, this hobby allows one and all to be captivated and engaged in a word of fantasy to experience beguiling stories and witness invigorating adventures.

So the next time you visit the mall, try shopping at Crossword instead of H&M for a change!

An Ideal Country

No matter what corner of the world one is residing in, there are a few issues that are collectively shared by all people: the escalating burden of tax faced by middle-aged individuals; the infuriating traffic despised by all and the never-ceasing complaint of a corrupt government. 
These daily problems evoked me to envision how a day would be spent in an ideal country and how different it would be from the conventional days. 
In an ideal country, people would be waking up at the crack of dawn, instead of lethargically sleeping till late morning. The citizens would rise to the melodical sound of chirping birds and be surrounded with pure, filtered, refreshing air. On stepping out of the house, they would see flawlessly constructed roads, lacking any holes or pits, with minimal vehicle on it. These vehicles would be economically and environmentally friendly, thus contributing to the fresher air. 
Furthermore, the journey to schools and offices would be not only brisk but also hassle-free. On the way to one’s destination, one would not encounter any homeless beggars or nagging hawkers as all citizens would be educated, employed and leading a dignified life. Consequently, no one would be lacking basic necessities and inhabitants would never be under persistent threat of any form of crime, seeing that no one would have any desire to break the law to fill their stomachs.
All dwellers (students, government officials, police officers, shop vendors, domestic workers) would be executing their work with integrity and sincerity. These people would hence act like prices of a jigsaw puzzle, which, when put together, would form an unblemished picture. Their honest work would help the country to progress as well as advance at a remarkable rate.
When night would fall in the ideal country, women would not be scared to return home late as there would be respect and equality, regardless of gender, caste, creed, appearance and sexuality. 
Finally, all parts of the ideal country would be equally developed and have little difference amongst them; there would be no rural villages and all countrymen would have easy access to schools, supermarkets, theatres, offices, malls, etcetera.
 As a result, the people of the ideal country would always appear joyful, satisfied and gratified. This ideal country may sound as an impractical, unobtainable abode, however we, as humans, can strive to make it possible for ourselves by adding  more colour in our lives, always maintaing a positive and optimistic state of mind and smiling more! 

The world in 50 years

Being a reader, one would have surely stumbled across many articles on this extensive, boundless, diverse topic often primarily focusing on: pollution, over-population, technological advancement, cashless payments, etc. Let us now see the world in 50 years from a different perspective.

With ongoing space research as well as the enlarging queue for residing in Mars, humans are unraveling a whole new door of opportunities for themselves. History will be revised the day we step on mars, for it would be a notable moment of pride and achievement. Our descendants will recall our scientists with reverence if we triumph in this mission as we would be benefiting ourselves, our successors and many other living creatures that subsist.

By commencing life on Mars, multitudinous things would be different from the way it is right now. Currently, Earth is straining under the escalating human population. Gradually but steadily, we are being confined to yet smaller living quarters, from mansions to apartments. After 50 years, as the population burden would be shared with Mars, those on Earth may get to appreciate reduced problems, as far as overpopulation is concerned.

By that time, our technical knowledge would have reached to such an extent that cross-planet communication may be made possible. Envision interfacing with your relatives, who are not only surviving in a place 290 million kilometers away, but also following a calendar of 687 days a year! Furthermore, the financially well-to-do may choose to visit the planet on an enthralling, compelling, intriguing holiday and return with souvenirs from there.

Those on Mars will have a varied array of choices to make as they can govern the planet in any way they like. Consequently, it would be an arduous task for organisations, such as UN, to maintain uniformity and hold dominance, as those on Mars may be unwilling to barter in money or elect a president.

Given that the surface of Mars and its elemental composition is unlike that of Earth, the resources found would also be different from ours. Hence, we may start importing rugs made from materials which are alien to Earth!

To comprise it all in a sentence, half a century later we would be in a situation non-viable in the 21st century. Roll up your sleeves for your next amazon order to be of a showpiece made from red rock, uniquely handcrafted in Mars!